First published battle report.

Chaplain’s Log; year of our Emperor 781486 M.41 {planetary suppression, Delta Phi-epsilon}

“I, Lord Chaplain Keress of our Emperor’s holy Astartes chapter Red Hunters, as mandated by the high lords of Terra, under order of the Ordo Hereticus; do hereby solemnly swear that this is a true account of the suppression of the chaos incursion on Delta Phi-epsilon”.

Tasked by the Holy Inquisition with performing a system by system sweep so as to remain ever vigilant, we were on board our Cruiser “The Red Lament” in the Phi-epsilon system. We had passed the first three planets in system and were just approaching the fourth when our long range auspex picked up several vortices in and around the central hive complexes. Upon making these detections we attempted to contact the planetary governor. All our comms team on the bridge could receive during these attempts were several bursts of distorted feedback loops.

Or at least at first they were taking the form of feedback loops. After a few minutes they resolved themselves into a name. Or at least the semblance of a name: Bbbbbaaaaarrrrrzzzzzooooooo. You can clearly see why we thought this was just distorted signal to begin with.

I elected to lead a team to the surface to investigate further. I needed to ensure that everything was in order, vigilance is the watchword and let retribution be swift upon the untoward!

I took the venerable and wise Ancient Ryolic; my trusted devastator squad “fist of the emperor” a predator tank and a squad of scouts. I left a full tactical squad in reserve in order to surgically strike if the need arose.

Upon landing we discovered that there was a detachment of first legion already there. Knowing their reputation for doggedly following an unstated mission at the cost of cooperation with others I elected to advance cautiously through what I could clearly see as ruins of an industrial sector of the Primary Hive.

Just as we were making our way up to and through the ruins near a fortified block house the razorback I was in with the devastators took a rolling hit from some large ordinance. This blew the tracks off and rattled the crew but otherwise left it intact making it a field fortification. The Dark Angels devastator squad to our left took some casualties but still moved forward toward the fortified command tower.  Missiles also landed all round the ravenwing bikers on the extreme left flank, taking down one biker. They continued forward at full speed. Maybe these Angels could be relied upon to carry the attack against the Imperium’s enemies after all….

It was when the smoke from the explosions cleared that I could see in the distance a milling herd of cultists brandishing their crude firearms and interspersed with squads of those hated, vile and perverted marines of chaos.  Their centre had a corrupt predator tank by the ruin of the manufactorum and over on their extreme right they had another predator and one of those vile eight legged war machines.

No fear! We would crush them! FOR THE EMPEROR!!!

Our scouts up in the disused buildings reported further movement in the enemy centre; they subsequently took shots, my hunters taking down what was reported to be one of the Thousand Sons. Their presence would explain the sorcerous vortices seen on the auspex. This viperous nest needed cleansed! And by the Emperor’s will we were going to do it!

Ancient Ryolic moved up and through the ruined refinery. The dark angels on our left moved forward slowly. Almost too slowly. A certain amount of doubt was forming in my mind as to their commitment to the fight. I would need to get out and drive them forward with the might of my zealotry!  They seemed to need reminding who the enemy was. Their devastator squad seemed most concerned with gaining access to the fortified block house. And their tactical squad was hovering around about too. This couldn’t stand!!

It was then that the heretics summoned forth daemonic horrors of numerous types, rotten plague walkers, gibbering daemonic blobs of incandescent madness and dogs with a baleful essence surrounding them; their howls for blood carried low across the battle lines toward us.

Well, we were going to show them who the master was. It did not matter that the renegades had wheeled forward a twisted vindicator from reserve or that a squad of their terminators had suddenly materialised behind us. This day would be ours!!

And so the traitors let loose a volley of deadly long range weaponry. A hitherto unseen missile detachment of theirs let loose at the building in which the Dark Angels had taken refuge. Though their missiles shook the building and dislodged armour plating it stood firm. Another missile detachment let loose at my devastator squad and me.  They slayed Terus, one of the Lascannon operators and other of the rockets skewed off and exploded all over the place. May the Emperor ever deflect their hateful weapons!!

Their Predator fired at us and rocked our tank and the crew were shaken but it was left whole and able to continue the fight. Their eight legged war machine also spewed forth but failed to do more than churn up the ground. Truly things were well for us.

At this point I called in the tactical squad and they landed right in front of us and close up against the main building containing the enemy rocket squad and right in front of the oncoming cultist horde.

Ancient Ryolic let loose with his melta weapon and blew apart the enemy vindicator with it not even once firing at us, the resulting explosion killing several cultists and a number of the plague bearers. Then emboldened by this success our predator let loose at theirs and blew it up also. The dark angels tac squad let loose at the terminators and along with the two squads of scouts we managed to whittle them down to two.

My devastator squad was obviously a little shaken because they were failing to kill much. Meanwhile the deathwing of my current allies finally made an appearance and just in time to at least provide distraction.  The ravenwing bikers by this stage were embroiled in combat with the pink horrors. The Deathwing terminators made to slaughter the daemonic dogs of war. The Deathwing Knights were to assault the enemy defiler machine. I prayed for the Emperor to guide them to success. They would need it. Things looked well with most of the enemy’s war machines smoking ruins and only really their infantry left as a threat. My Tactical squad made short work of the cultists in front of them. The slaughter was good!

And even though the Deathwing Knights were there the enemy’s defiler still concentrated on shooting at me. They must surely have heard of my combat prowess. As it was its shot landed on the tactical squad and reduced them to half strength. Their remaining predator set about stripping Ancient Ryolic of his armour. But he stood fast.

The enemy missile team loosed off more shots at the dark angels on my left who by now where on the roof of the fortified block house. The left half of the battlefield was truly a cauldron of boiling death. But we as the holy anointed protectors of the Imperium strode on through this death and we were going to show these damned heretics their error!!

At the same time as Ryolic fired at the remaining predator and his weapons failed to penetrate, the Deathwing Knights launched their attack on the defiler. Unfortunately they failed to make a scratch upon it. I feel that the Dark Angels really ought to appeal to their machine spirits and make their peace. A day of reckoning is coming for them! The Vlyka Fenryka are a rowdy drunken bunch but at least they can fight!

It was at this point that I decided we ought to retreat. Not enough forward momentum and a lack of support. Last I heard was a Dark Angel muttering something about a mermaid, whatever that is…

Damned bathrobe wearing fools!